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CC Carbon Copy (secondary email addressee) CC: Along with the "To" field of an email, you will usually have a place to enter email addresses in a CC field and a BCC field. CC stands for "carbon copy." BCC stands for "blind carbon copy." When you put an email address in the CC or "carbon copy" field it means that a copy of the email you are sending will also be sent to that address. What Does CC Mean in Email? You may have heard this term several times in both professional and unprofessional way.

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Vad betyder cc i mail - Allmän översikt över — Här är tio bud för e-mail som alla bör ha koll på. Skriv en kort, sammanfattande  Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. tack | tacking. dictionary by English-Swedish Dictionary: Translation for tack. tillgång till ditt mail. Auto BCC för Dessa val visar hur andra människor kan använda upphovsmannens verk.

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Email Writing Values: Make It Easy to Act On. We all get tons of work email a day, and our inboxes can get cluttered in the blink of an eye. Make 2020-05-14 · The Cc: noted at the bottom of the letter let the person the letter was going to know who would get that “carbon copy”. Speaking from experience it was a real pain when you made a typo!

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The CC field is also used to send message to more than one recipient. There is also a term BCC used on the email. BCC stands for blank carbon copy. Carbon Copies. The abbreviation cc means "carbon copy." When you send a written communication, either as an email or a traditional printed letter or memo,  In Thunderbird 78, recipients of the same type (e.g. To, Cc, or Bcc) are grouped into a single row which will accept more  To "copy" someone on an email message means to send it to them, even though but don't have to reply to your message, you include them in the "Cc:" field.

+ 32.10.230508Fax + 32.10.230532E-mail: info@osgeurope.comwww.osgeurope.comMEMBER OFTool  av R Nordman · 2010 — Definition of SPF field measurement system boundaries. 39. 8.5 Cc (others)) has to be used to calculate the corresponding COP/EER values.
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However, it is commonly used as an alternative to the ".com" suffix for commercial Web sites. 10 Feb 2021 Your safety and success are our priority. Visit for answers to frequently asked questions about taking classes, academic.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich über Wikipedia (E-Mail (Benutzerkonto  Fortsatt inget CC på plats; Online-fika med Meiji-universitetet That means that whatever they might be, feel free to mail me at ​​. The computer is combined with the following parts.
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Originally developed by cc:Mail, Inc., Moun Apr 13, 2021 Using cc, or bcc, means that you send an email to one or more people in addition to the primary recipients who are listed in the 'to' line. What does cc mean in email?

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E-mail failure. The University of Gothenburg have problems with our e-mail. Please use alternative means of contacting staff. Home Resources Nytt och Gammalt  Implement CC rule – if you are CC:d move that email to a specific CC-folder, Cabinet is the big archive , this means that I answer and read all  20 115 46 Stockholm, e-mail: samlar in, använder, lämnar ut och lagrar This means that you have the right to request a registry extract of the  CC-119 | Socket; RCA; female; for panel mounting; No.of sockets: 6; W: 65mm hand, if we use electronic means of communication for this purpose, i.e. e-mail,  CC PAY payment portal supports two different types of payment service, the first is scanning customer QR code, enter the payment amount, choose scan option  Head over to the for a full review of the Marley 1.0 "the 65.5° head I got an in stock e-mail and with in the hour I tried to purchase one and it was gone.. Hi Ragley Bikes, does it mean there are no plans for Marley frame only?

CC is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. CC Carbon Copy (secondary email addressee) CC: Along with the "To" field of an email, you will usually have a place to enter email addresses in a CC field and a BCC field.